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Cornerback Leigh Bodden Goes Unclaimed On Waivers, Becomes Free Agent

The Kansas City Chiefs (nor any other NFL team for that matter) didn’t want to add cornerback Leigh Bodden to the roster, so the one-time New England Patriot is now a free agent. Bodden was in the second year of a four-year, $22 million contract, so other teams should be interested now that he’s cleared waivers and will need a new deal. That’s frustrating for Bodden, but the contract was likely cost-prohibitive for many teams, such as the Chiefs who only have $30 million under the cap to spend. </sarcasm>


On a serious note, Bodden is an intriguing option for teams who need depth in the secondary (i.e. most teams in this pass-happy NFL season). Just last season he had 5 interceptions in 14 games started for the Pats.