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Kansas City Chiefs Are Next-To-Cheapest Team In NFL

The New York Giants have $70K available to them if someone goes down. The Kansas City Chiefs have 394 times that amount. That makes the Chiefs the team with the second highest total available under the salary cap. The good news is that if Barry Sanders or Bo Jackson decide to come back to the NFL, the Chiefs will be right there among the suitors.

In total, the Chiefs have $27.6 million available, just second to the Jacksonville Jaguars who are $35.4 million below the cap. Only the Buccaneers, Broncos, Seahawks and Bills are at $20 million or above. And it’s clear the standings do not favor those teams (besides Bucs and Bills).

You can translate this several ways, but it’s clear KC is saving their money for something or they feel very comfortable with the players already in house. Given the record and performance to this point, it’s a bit perplexing the Chiefs didn’t go for more depth this off-season.