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Houston Nutt's Replacement At Ole Miss Could Have Big 12 Ties

Could Ole Miss find their new head coach from the Big 12 ranks?

The Big 12 exodus to the SEC has been a major story in college athletics this season with both the Missouri Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies leaving for the Southeastern Conference after breaking ties and tradition in the Big 12. Now that Ole Miss will be replacing their own head coach after Houston Nutt's resignation, the National Football Post's Dave Miller says Nutt's replacement could come from the Big 12.

Among several potential contenders, Miller lists former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach and current Texas assistant Manny Diaz as two names to watch in the midst of the coaching search. About Diaz, Miller writes, "Diaz is ready to become the face of a program after rising up the assistant ranks. He worked wonders at Mississippi State and is having success this season at Texas as defensive coordinator. He also has worked at Florida State, N.C. State and Middle Tennessee State. He has an infectious personality and knows the state of Mississippi."

As for Leach, it's a bit more of a headache. Leach is still involved in some legal issues from his days at Texas Tech and the entire Adam James incident, so it's unknown whether or not they'd even want Leach. Still there's no doubting his coaching talent.

Miller writes, "Bringing the "Air Raid" offense to Oxford would certainly produce exciting offenses, and it produces winning seasons. In 10 years in Lubbock, Leach went 84-43 and guided the Red Raiders to a bowl every season. Even though the SEC has been known for its defenses, Arkansas is a good example of a team that has excelled because of its prolific offense."

In the end, however, that drama might take him out. As Miller rightfully notes, "Would Ole Miss want to deal with that potential distraction?"