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Kansas City Chiefs' Hall Of Famer Willie Lanier Helps Negotiate NFL Benefits For Former Players

A major point of contention for the NFL to deal with over the last couple of years has been the treatment of former players — particularly with how much they receive in medical benefits. The NFL, with the announcement of a new settlement, now hopes the need has been properly addressed and a former Chiefs linebacker has been instrumental in the process.

Willie Lanier was among several names listed by the NFL in their discussions of how to handle a pension that will affect over 4,700 former NFL players. Also among that group was Mike Ditka and Carl Eller. The deal in total is worth $620 million.

The NFL cited two examples to help fans understand the difference:

-There is a 10-year veteran player who retired in the 1960s who has been receiving a $200 monthly pension. The Legacy Fund benefit will increase his monthly check to $1,840.

-Another 10-year veteran who retired in the 1970s will see his monthly check increase from $165 to $1,810.