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Penn State Vs. Nebraska Circus Should Be Most Interesting College Football Game In Years

In 90 minutes, college football fans all over the nation will likely be glued to the TV to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Penn State Nittany Lions in what could be one of the… weirdest football games in some time. There’s no telling what the crowd response will be or how the players will react to the incredible week that Penn State has endured under the ongoing sexual abuse scandal that started with Jerry Sandusky and ended up costing even Joe Paterno his job.

Even the signs outside are interesting with one fan quoting Albert Einstein in his attempts to make a statement and you can bet that the place will charged with either support or hatred for Penn State. Luckily the game is at home for PSU, because a road game immediately following the media swell would be incredible.

Still, it’s going to be no picnic today as the players and interim head coach Tom Bradley try to ignore the distractions and focus on winning their ninth game of the year. As for Nebraska, they get a chance to come in and face a dazed ballclub and deliver a punch on the road.

The Penn State Nittany Lions are 8-1 while the Cornhuskers are 7-2. The teams are ranked No. 12 and 19 respectively.