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Missouri Vs. Texas: Henry Josey Needs Big Day for Tigers To Beat Longhorns

The Missouri Tigers have already learned that Henry Josey can be a major force on the field. After all, in some ways, he’s been the most impressive runner in the nation this year. However to leave the Big 12 with a bright SEC-sized smile on their faces, the Tigers will need every ounce of Josey’s skills to beat the Texas Longhorns today and stay eligible for a bowl in what has been a very disappointing season for Mizzou.

As for Josey, 2011 has been an incredible season personally. Josey is not only the Big 12’s leading rusher with 134 carries for 1,149 yards and 9 touchdowns, but he’s also amazing at breaking open the big play. As ESPN notes, “His 43 rushes for 10+ yards are 9 more than any other FBS player.”

The bad news is that Texas has the best run defense in the Big 12, the only team allowing less than 100 rushing yards/game in the conference. It’s going to be a tall order for Josey and company today but if the Tigers are going to walk away with a win today, it will likely be because Josey found a way to break through Texas’ strong defense and make an impact on the field.