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Kansas Jayhawks Lead Baylor Bears 24-3 Early In Fourth Quarter

A score like 24-3 heading into the fourth quarter would not be surprising for anyone wondering about the state of the game between the Baylor Bears and the Kansas Jayhawks. However, to say that the Kansas Jayhawks are up is to flip all expectations. But indeed, Turner Gill might just get an upset win over the No. 25 team in the country thanks to a game where nearly everything seems to be going KU’s way.

The Jayhawks’ defense and running game have been strong for three straight quarters and those are the same elements needed to finish a game strong, so KU might have this one in the bag. Then again, the offensive firepower of Baylor’s high octane offense behind Robert Griffin III and KU’s track record is enough to still be nervous until the final buzzer.

Keep an eye on Darrian Miller through the fourth quarter. The freshman back already has 133 yards on 21 carries and he’ll likely be called on to help extend the clock.

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