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BCS Standings Projection: Can Houston Earn A Big Payday For Conference USA?

Samuel Chi, the SB Nation BCS Guru, has come out with his BCS Projections for Week 12 and the most interesting note of the week concerns the fringe contenders who face a weaker schedule because of their lower conference standing than powerhouses like the Big Ten, SEC, Big 12 or Pac-12. This week, Houston has a real chance — yes, Houston — to make it into the BCS Bowl Season. With it, comes a huge check.

Chi writes, “Boise State’s loss puts Houston in position for the conference’s first BCS bowl berth, and with it a payday of over $17 million to be shared evenly by the conference’s 12 members. Will the windfall of nearly $1.5 million to each athletic department stem the tide of an exodus to the Big East? Only time will tell.”

Houston is as yet undefeated going 10-0 so far with upcoming games against Tulsa and SMU to round out the season. 12-0 is a very likely ending to the regular season for the Cougars. If so, it will be fun to watch an unheralded contender make the spotlight.