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BCS Rankings Projection: Boise State Loses Control Of Their Fate With TCU Loss

Poor Kellen Moore. He’s done everything he can, but the kicker struck again. Actually, it was the lack of a proper strike that did Moore in this week, but the Boise State quarterback has a bad string of luck in his rare losses where the kicker doesn’t come through. That was the case this weekend when Boise State lost to TCU 36-35 on a last second wide-right field goal from 39 yards.

Samuel Chi says their destiny is now out their hands. The SB Nation BCS Guru has them listed 9th in his BCS Projections for Week 12 and says they need a few dominoes to fall the right way in order to make it.

“The Broncos no longer control their own destiny for a BCS bowl berth after the loss to TCU, even if they stay ahead of Houston, their main competitor for the non-AQ conference BCS bowl berth. Here’s why: In order to qualify for that berth, a team has to win its conference, according to the rather convoluted BCS selection process. In order for Boise State to qualify even as the Mountain West co-champions, it’ll need TCU to drop one of its remaining two games: both at home, against Colorado State (3-6) and UNLV (2-7).”