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Would Randy Moss Really Return To Bill Belichick And New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots have lost consecutive games and it’s clear they lack a downfield weapon that other teams have — i.e. the Ravens’ Torrey Smith or the Steelers’ Mike Wallace. The Chad Ochocinco experiment isn’t work, so much so that he’s been rumored to be released for some time. That makes the news coming from Mike Florio quite interesting — that Randy Moss could return to New England for the rest of the season.

“Moss has turned down two teams who offered him contracts this season,” says Florio. “If the Pats would call Moss, one of the first topics would be the money. It’s believed that Moss is hoping for an annualized rate of $10 million, which with seven weeks left after Monday equates to $4.11 million for the balance of the year. Moss likely would give the Pats a discount, if the phone rings.”

It’s certainly an interesting subplot to watch here from New England West. With other veteran receivers still waiting a la Terrell Owens, we’ll see what Moss is able to bring (if he signs).