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Bowl Projections: Oklahoma State Predicted For LSU Match-Up In National Championship

It’s clear that Oklahoma State has the offensive firepower to compete with anyone in college football, Texas Tech being the latest to figure that out with Saturday’s 66-6 lopsided win that was over early in the first quarter. Then again, it’s also clear that LSU has a defense that can shut down anyone in the country as exhibited so well in the Alabama game that millions of people watched in primetime. Thus it’s an exciting proposition to picture Brandon Weeden, Joseph Randle and Justin Blackmon bringing their fireworks in a clash against LSU’s incredible defensive unit in the national championship game.

That’s exactly what many college football writers are believing will happen on January 9th in the Allstate National Championship. Sports Illustrated is the latest to reveal its bowl projections and they have the Tigers and Cowboys squaring up just like everyone else. That means the assumption is that both teams will finish out their regular season/conference schedules with consecutive wins. For OSU, that means a victory over the rival Oklahoma Sooners.

Anything is possible between now and then, but both teams have a trajectory that will be tough to stop.