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NFL Power Rankings, AFC West Edition: Chiefs Dead Last Among Rivals

The future does not look good for the Kansas City Chiefs. The San Diego Chargers are still in the hunt for the division title yet they’ve hardly played to their potential and have been their own undoing most of the time. The Oakland Raiders have went all-in on this season and are now winning the AFC West behind a possibly rejuvenated Carson Palmer. The Denver Broncos are the darling of the division behind a 3-1 Tim Tebow, and despite anyone’s opinion’s on his ability to be a good NFL quarterback or not, at the very least he’s winning.

As for the Chiefs, the news keeps getting worse and worse. Two weeks ago, they were 4-3 and leading the AFC West on a four game winning streak. Now they’ve lost twice at home to teams they should have defeated in Miami and Denver. Now they face the worst five-game streak they’ve had in three seasons and it starts this week against the Patriots.

To make matters worse, Matt Cassel is likely gone for for the season after suffering a hand injury that will require surgery. Tyler Palko gets his first start for the Chiefs after taking the journeyman approach to get here. Ricky Stanzi is also available, but he’s never even been active for an NFL game in his life. Welcome to the Chiefs 2011 season.

Here’s our Power Rankings for the AFC West:
1. Oakland Raiders
2. San Diego Chargers
3. Denver Broncos
4. Kansas City Chiefs