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NFL Launching Monthly Magazine In December, 8-Track Up Next

The NFL is a dominant force in today’s pop culture and there’s no shortage of things to talk about and people to talk about it. So in some ways, it’s no surprise to hear that the NFL is launching its own monthly magazine starting in December for a rumored five dollars an issue. It’s yet another medium for the NFL to promote its product and make a dollar (or five) along the way.

The interesting thing of note here is that in 2011, someone — anyone — is launching a print magazine. The next announcement will be that NFL films is launching a VHS division or that they’ll start out putting out Jock Jams 37 on cassette tape. There’s already plenty of print magazines out there promoting the NFL product and they’re slowly going the same way of the buffalo that every other print mag is facing.

Then again, the NFL official magazine will likely find digital homes as well with official apps and the like. Thus it’s just more content for all of us to consume as the NFL consumes us.