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Gary Pinkel Arrest: Missouri Coach Has 'Enough Capital To Move On' From DUI

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star has a nice, succinct response to the Gary Pinkel arrest last night for driving while intoxicated, saying that the Missouri Tigers head football coach has built up the necessary capital to be able to move on from something like this.

That said, Mellinger doesn’t make light of the incident, saying, “Of course it is an inexcusable mistake by a man who should and does know better. More than one-third of traffic deaths in Missouri are DUI-related, senseless and selfish deaths that we all should work harder to prevent.”

Still Athletic Director Mike Alden has said this is a “serious breach” of Pinkel’s responsibilities as head coach, so perhaps there are some repercussions coming. Given Pinkel’s standing and success, however, it’s unlikely to be anything of note.