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Gary Pinkel Arrested: Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden Says 'We Are Gathering Facts'

As various persons of note make their official statements and opinions known about Gary Pinkel’s arrest last night on a DUI charge, we will keep you posted and the latest comes from Mike Alden. Missouri’s athletic director came out with some strong words against Pinkel’s arrest, but it’s as it should be, since there’s no way he could say anything but the following:

“We are extremely disappointed in Gary’s lack of judgment. He is known as a man of great character and integrity. However, this absolutely goes against everything we stand for, and everything that he teaches his players in regards to our social responsibilities. We hold ourselves to very high standards, and this is a very serious breach of those responsibilities. We are gathering facts and will take action appropriately, and when those actions are determined, we will communicate them publicly.”

More statements will inevitably come from a schedule press conference this afternoon.