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NFL Picks And Predictions: Patriots Chosen Over Chiefs Because Of Tyler Palko's Inexperience

The Huffington Post is hardly the key place to go for sports news and stats. And the predictions they’re making this week with the corresponding reasons hardly remedy that situation. Still, it’s worth noting that yet another media outlet has the New England Patriots winning against the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

“Just when the Chiefs start to turn it around, Matt Cassel goes down,” writes Elizabeth Engel. “I don’t even know who Tyler Palko is…wow, just checked the stats. He’s been in the league four years, and is 9 for 13. Lifetime. That’s not 9 games won out of 13 played. That’s 9 passes completed out of 13 thrown. Lifetime. Just had to say that again.”

Not exactly rocket science here, but then again I’ve never heard of Engel before and doubt I will ever care again. That’s not because she picked against the Chiefs but because she writes like my third grade sister chose the picks for her.