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Oklahoma State Plane Crash: Next Two Women's Basketball Games Cancelled In Light Of Tragedy

With the Oklahoma State campus in a state of mourning and the athletic department in a state of confusion trying to even figure out what to do in the shadow of such a tragedy, it’s not a surprise that the Cowgirls have cancelled the next two games on the women’s basketball schedule. As OSU has officially released a statement, “The Cowgirls were scheduled to play a pair of weekend games – hosting Grambling State on Saturday and Texas-Arlington on Sunday – but both have been canceled.”

The loss of head coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna has rocked the OSU campus last night and this morning as news unfolds about a small airplane crash just 45 miles west of Little Rock. Four people died in total, including the pilot, although details have not yet been released about the cause of the crash.

The pair of coaches were on a recruiting trip. It’s uncertain when the OSU women’s team will begin to play again, but for now the next two games have been called off.