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NFL Picks: Sam Farmer Picks Patriots Over Chiefs 35-17 For Monday Night Prediction

Sam Farmer has posted his weekly NFL picks and he ends up joining an incredibly one-sided chorus against the Kansas City Chiefs by choosing the New England Patriots to win their showdown on Monday Night Football. In fact, he predicts it won’t be much of a showdown given a final score prediction of 35-17.

Farmer writes, “Patriots tend to focus on task at hand, especially at home when weather turns cold. Without Matt Cassel, Chiefs will be hard-pressed to make game of it.”

The Chiefs are usually looked down upon for two primary things: their inability to play well against teams they should have beaten the last two weeks (Broncos and Dolphins) and the first career start for Tyler Palko. The Chiefs back-up quarterback steps into the spotlight after a hand injury had sidelined Matt Cassel for several weeks and Palko’s limited numbers over the last two years haven’t revealed any undiscovered flashes of greatness. In other words, things could get ugly on Monday.

The NFL is littered with stories just like Palko’s however, and it’s clear that anyone can win on any week in the NFL. Players rise to notoriety in the strangest of ways in this league and Palko has a chance to write a special one on Monday.