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Grady Sizemore Likely Returning To AL Central With New Cleveland Indians Deal

The Cleveland Indians have come back to Grady Sizemore after moving on from him just a few weeks ago. And apparently the interest is still mutual since the rumors of a deal being close are coming from both sides. Now Jerry Crasnick is saing that Sizemore’s agent told him that while nothing is final, they’re working out the details this weekend.

Sizemore was a three-time All Star not so long ago but his performance began to plummet recently as injuries mounted and the last two years have not been kind to Sizemore. In what amounts to a full season between 2010-11, Sizemore had 180 strikeouts in 617 at bats with a .220/.280/.379 line.

Yet it’s hard to deny the impact player that Sizemore can be and he’s also been a fan favorite in Cleveland for some time. The Indians are hoping that he’ll turn things around and provide a young ascending team a strong veteran presence up the middle once again.