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Cyrus Gray Injury Update: Texas A&M Halfback Out With Shoulder Injury

It’s clear that Cyrus Gray isn’t coming back into the Texas A&M Aggies game against the Kansas Jayhawks. Not only would the incredible point disparity keep every starter out at this point, but Gray was coming out of the locker room in street clothes — a clear sign that he was finished for the day. The only issue was that no one knew what it was.

ESPN’s David Ubben, the site’s Big 12 blogger, reports via Twitter on the alleged nature of the injury now by saying, “Sounds like the issue with Cyrus Gray is his left shoulder. No sling or anything on the sidelines.”

On the season, Gray has been a great weapon out of the backfield for Texas A&M. The senior back has 189 carries for 951 yards and 9 touchdowns, good for a 5.0 yards/carry. He’s also caught 31 passes for 239 yards and another three touchdowns.