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Bowl Projections 2011: Kansas State Predicted For The Alamo Bowl Against Arizona State

The Kansas State Wildcats started the season undefeated and even ranked in the Top 10 of the major college football rankings. Yet as the season has progressed, it’s clear that Bill Snyder’s team isn’t quite ready to compete with the elite teams of the Big 12 (or the rest of the country for that matter). For that reason, SB Nation’s Bowl Projections have the Wildcats finishing at 8-4 this season and playing against Arizona State in the Valero Alamo Bowl on December 29th.

The projection means that it’s likely they’re only believing that KSU can beat Iowa State to end the season and will suffer their losses consecutively. That’s certainly a possibility since they play Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas in a row after already playing Oklahoma. However that discredits the success Snyder has had so far. They should at least win two of their last four and finish with 9 wins. If that’s true, the Wildcats could be playing around New Year’s Eve instead of the Alamo Bowl.