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BCS Bowl Projections 2011: Alabama Predicted To Face Stanford In National Title Game

Andrew Luck might get his national stage after all. Somehow that triple-overtime win last week against USC has vaulted the Stanford Cardinal all the way over Oklahoma State and others to claim the chance to play the loser of this weekend’s SEC match-up between LSU and Alabama. The latest SB Nation Bowl Projections have Stanford and Alabama matching up with unblemished records in the Allstate National Championship Game on January 9.

Stanford still has Oregon, Notre Dame and the Pac-12 championship game, so it’s hardly a lock they’ll finish undefeated. Alabama has the same challenges ahead in the always-dangerous SEC. However, if so, the national stage for the greatest NFL prospect in decades would be a real draw.

If the Pac-12 could pull off a win, it would mean major respect for the West Coast in college football since it’s always a matter of the SEC and perhaps the Big 12 among the powers-that-be.