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Bowl Projections 2011: Missouri Tigers Predicted To Face Illinois In Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas

It’s been a miserable year for the Missouri Tigers. Years of success under Blaine Gabbert (and going back before him) had Tiger fans spoiled with double digit wins in three of the last four seasons. Now the Tigers sit at 4-4 and the best they will manage this season is an 8-4 record heading into the bowl season. The final projection at SB Nation is that Missouri will end up with a 7-5 record and consequently play Illinois in a Big 12-Big Ten match-up at the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas.

The games left for Missouri include some difficult ones against Baylor, Texas Tech and Texas, but the reality is that the Tigers have already faced the most grueling part of the Big 12 season. To win out isn’t against the question and they showed a new momentum in the win over Texas A&M last week. If the Tigers can win out, that will introduce not only a better bowl game to choose from, but a good momentum heading into next season.