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Alex Gordon Called 'Worst Gold Glove Selection' By ESPN

The Kansas City Royals have had so little to celebrate in the way of Major League Baseball awards that it almost feels mean for anyone to try to take something away from them when they do. But that hasn't stopped ESPN's Ben Jedlovec from ranking his top five worst Gold Glove selections this year and placing the Kansas City Royals Alex Gordon at the very top of them.


He doesn't bash Gordon's fielding at all, but rather believes that Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees is the more deserving candidate. He writes, "Despite the Gold Glove voting, Gordon's great arm but below-average range doesn't hold up against Gardner's combination of good arm and unparalleled range." But a win is a win at this point, I'm assuming KC will take it. It was a fine year all around for Gordon, so it is nice to see him get some press one way or another.