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BCS Projections, Week 13: Big 12 Among 'Big Losers' In Predicted Standings

As Samuel Chi, SB Nation’s BCS Guru, comes out with another week of predictions, the news doesn’t look so hot for the BCS. That much is obvious just knowing that the top contender for the national championship from the conference, Oklahoma State, lost this week in an upset two-overtime game to Iowa State.

Oklahoma’s loss to Baylor only further upsets the conference apple cart and Chi says that’s going to make life hard for the conference when trying to apply for the major BCS games.

“All the fratricide this weekend meant that the conference went from having two teams in the BCS, including one in the title game, to maybe just a single bid for the winner of Bedlam,” writes Chi. “A three-loss Oklahoma for sure isn’t going to get an at-large bid; and an OSU team that lost its last two games of the season probably won’t, either.”

The Big 12 turned upside-down this weekend with Baylor and Iowa State adding to their win total and muddling up the conference standings in the middle. Only Kansas State stood strong in terms of any team at the top but now even the line between elite teams and the rest is now gone. It truly feels that any team can beat another in the Big 12 this year.