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BCS Projections/Standings: Kansas State Rises To No. 12 With Win Over Texas

If things continue to spiral downward for the Big 12, the best of the teams from the conference could completely disappear from the major bowl picture. However, one team hoping to sneak in and remain a contender for one of those prime spots that provide both national exposure, respect and a major financial payout is the Kansas State Wildcats.

Samuel Chi, the BCS Guru for SB Nation, says in his latest week 13 BCS projections that Kansas State could sneak in over the next few weeks since they’re at No. 12 overall in his standings.

The Cats now sit at 9-2 and in second place in the Big 12 conference. They’re one game behind the Oklahoma State Cowboys, who fell on Friday night unexpectedly to the Iowa State Cyclones. Then came the Oklahoma loss to Baylor yesterday behind Robert Griffin III’s four touchdown performance. That leaves the Sooners a half game behind K-State and the upcoming OSU-OU showdown will make a loser of someone yet again.

Currently, OSU is No. 4 in the BCS Projections and the Sooners are No. 7. K-State sits at No. 12 so the Big 12 is still in it. But the upcoming schedule dictates that will get even worse. The Wildcats hope they can look a little better in the process.