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BCS Projections: Oregon, Oklahoma Fall In Predicted Standings

The formula isn't that difficult to predict: win and move up, lose and fall down. Since the Oregon Ducks and Oklahoma Sooners unexpectedly took a tumble to the USC Trojans and Baylor Bears respectively, it's not surprising to see the two powerhouse schools fall this week in SB Nation's BCS Projections for week 13 from Samuel Chi, the BCS Guru.

The USC Trojans easily had their biggest win to date under Lane Kiffin, and Matt Barkley in particular helped his NFL draft stock with a four touchdown performance. The exact same could be said of the Baylor victory for quarterback Robert Griffin III, who also had four touchdowns of his own to go with nearly 500 passing yards against the Sooners defense. Oklahoma and Oregon both suffered their second loss of the year in the process.

Here's this week's full BCS Predictions:
1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Oklahoma State
5. Stanford
6. Virginia Tech
7. Oklahoma
8. Oregon
9. Boise State
10. Houston
11. South Carolina
12. Kansas State
13. Michigan State
14. Georgia
15. Michigan