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BCS Projected Standings: TCU, Michigan Among Biggest Winners In Week 13

The Big 12 has opened its doors to TCU after several strong seasons of college football over the last few years. Then this year, the team took a bit of a tumble. The Horned Frogs lost to Baylor to open the season and then lost again in overtime to SMU and were at 3-2 at one point on the season. It was a far cry from the days of finishing in the Top 10 or even going undefeated just last year.

Well, now the Horned Frogs have climbed their way out of the pit and have entered the BCS picture, according to the BCS Guru Samuel Chi of SB Nation. He calls TCU one of Saturday's biggest winners.

He writes, "Southern Miss' upset loss to UAB on Friday night might've gone largely unnoticed, but not in Fort Worth. The Horned Frogs now probably just need a Houston loss against Tulsa next week or in the Conference USA title game to clinch their third straight trip to a BCS bowl."

As for Michigan, they're officially in the BCS Projected Standings at No. 15 and it's a result of a season that no one could have seen coming after recent Michigan years

 Chi writes, 'After the failed Rich Rodriguez experiment, no one could've foreseen that the Wolverines would be on the verge of a 10-win season and maybe a BCS bowl berth. Michigan, without being burdened with an appearance in the Big Ten championship game, might be just a win over archrival Ohio State away from earning its first trip to a BCS bowl since the 2006 season."