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NFL Picks: Chargers, Raiders Should Improve Against Vikings And Bears

This week in the NFL, the AFC West has already made one statement loud and clear. On Thursday night’s game this week, the Denver Broncos took Tebow mania one game further with their win over the New York Jets in primetime behind the polarizing talents of Tim Tebow under center. Now other AFC West teams will hope to do the same. Here’s our Week 11 picks for the AFC West:

Oakland @ Minnesota
The Vikings’ ship has already sailed this season and the team can only hope for signs of life under rookie quarterback Christian Ponder. The good news is that the flashes have already been there and the Oakland Raiders have a secondary that a QB can burn if he wants. The pass rush? Well, that’s’ another thing entirely. If Michael Bush can continue to supplant Darren McFadden well, the Raiders should win this on the strength of their running game and strong defensive front seven.
Raiders 20, Vikings 10

San Diego @ Chicago
The San Diego Chargers are a shell of their former selves, that much is for sure. The Bears hope they run into that version of the once high-octane offense led by Philip Rivers. In fact, the Bears defense might insure such a thing. But once the last few weeks of the year hits, the Chargers get hot and there’s no reason to believe it won’t happen this year as well.
Chargers 24, Bears 13

Kansas City @ New England
Tyler Palko gets his first career start under the lights of Monday Night Football against the best quarterback in the league. It’s hardly a welcome mat thrown out for the Chiefs back-up. Palko won’t be as bad as many predict, but there’s no way he’s leading the Chiefs to victory on a cold New England evening on primetime television.
Patriots 30, Chiefs 16