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Chiefs Ranked Among Peter King's Top Five NFL Disappointments For 2011

In a quick debate over at Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio and Peter King discuss the top five disappointing teams of the 2011 season and the Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 5 on King’s list. While Florio agrees that they’ve been disappointing, he also notes that he predicted such a setback heading into the season.

The Chiefs have certainly been a shadow of their former selves after last year’s 10-6 season in which they won the AFC West and hosted a playoff game. Instead, this year they’re tied for second place in the AFC West but seem to have the least amount of momentum at this point. They also face the most grueling part of their schedule coming up.

Other teams on the list include the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams. The San Diego Chargers were also both picked by King and Florio.