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Adrian Peterson Injury Update: Vikings RB Leaves Game With Ankle Issue

Something is wrong with the Vikings offense. Of course, that was true before today's Minnesota game began, but now the team has major issues with Adrian Peterson -- perhaps the best running back in the entire National Football League -- had to be helped off of the field with what Charlie Casserly is calling an ankle injury. Of course, it's much too soon to tell anything official, but the Vikings now become a one-dimensional offense without Peterson in the game and with a rookie quarterback at the helm in Christian Ponder.


Peterson currently leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns with 10 and is on his way to yet another Pro Bowl season with 180 carries for 846 yards on the season. Even in an offense that's limited like the Vikes, Peterson is still earning a very impressive 4.7 yards per carry, his best total in three NFL seasons.


With Peterson being carted off the field, the Vikings must turn to Toby Gerhart and Lorenzo Booker. We will keep you posted on Peterson's injury.