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Adrian Peterson Injury Update: Adam Schefter Says Vikings RB Has Sprained Ankle

There’s a bit of good news coming out of the Minnesota Vikings camp today with the announcement through ESPN’s Adam Schefter that there’s no broken bones in Adrian Peterson’s ankle or foot. Via Twitter, Schefter instead says that it’s an ankle sprain according to head coach Leslie Frazier. Still, an MRI is scheduled for tomorrow, so the team will likely give a further update after the results are back from that.

For now, the team is going to have to rely on Toby Gerhart, and that’s not a good thing. Gerhart had 7 carries for 18 yards in the 27-21 loss to the Oakland Raiders. The best running came from Christian Ponder, the rookie quarterback, who had an impressive 71 yards on five carries. Percy Harvin also adds a rushing dimension to his game and had five carries for 21 yards. Each outperformed Gerhart and it’s clear the Vikings knew they were limited offensively with only Gerhart back there.

That’s still good news in the long run because a sprain will naturally heal with rest and Peterson might not be out that long. If it’s a high ankle sprain, that can cost several weeks on end, but depending on the severity, it’s possible that Peterson is back in just a couple of weeks.