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Jay Cutler Injury Update: Broken Thumb Is Reportedly On Throwing Hand For Bears QB

Jay Cutler has taken his licks in the past for being, well, a sissy on the football field. He received that reputation for refusing to play through an injury in the playoffs and it was uncalled for at the time. Yet that didn’t stop various NFL players from weighing in and calling out Cutler, whether they had a right or not. Now, Cutler’s bound to change that perception with the word that Cutler played through part of today’s win over the San Diego Chargers with a broken thumb.

Cutler played even better than Philip Rivers today in the battle of impressive passing attacks and yet Cutler’s broken thumb is on his throwing hand, according to Jay Glazer. In today’s game, he went 18 of 31 for 286 yards and 2 touchdowns offset by 1 interception.

Cutler’s future status is unknown at this time. Perhaps he can continue to play through it, but if not, Caleb Hanie would suit up for the Bears.