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NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs Fall To No. 22 After Patriots Loss

The Kansas City Chiefs lost again on Monday Night Football against the New England Patriots, just like most predicted. In fact the final score was nearly double the tremendous spread that the Pats were already given before the game by odds makers, meaning the Chiefs continue to lose big when they lose, and that’s not a good sign for their overall rank among NFL teams. That said, they’re still at No. 22 overall in SB Nation’s NFL Power Rankings.

Given that the Chiefs still have four wins, Joel Thorman places the Chiefs above other resurgent teams like the Dolphins (who Peter King has in his top 15 teams in the NFL). Thorman writes, “The Chiefs played the Patriots strong through one half on Monday night before allowing it to get ugly.”

That strong half might given enough indication that the Chiefs will end up earning a few more wins before the season is over. That said, the schedule is significantly tougher from here on out. If they can steal a couple of wins against the likes of the Bears and maybe a trap game against the Packers, the Chiefs could feasibly end at 8-8 — a solid season given what’s already taken place this year.