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NFL Picks, Week 12: ESPN Experts Unanimously Choose Steelers Over Chiefs

Last week, everyone picked against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Monday Night Football contest. The bad news for Chiefs fans was that they chose wisely by backing the New England Patriots. Now it seems the same thing is happening again to the Chiefs with another week in a primetime football contest: against the Pittsburgh Steelers on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Every single expert at ESPN is going with the Steelers this week, following up what we’ve already reported about Peter King saying the same thing. It will be interesting to see if a single person backs the Chiefs this week, but after their first performance with Tyler Palko at starting quarterback, I can’t imagine that would be the case.

In the other big AFC West match-up, most ESPN experts choose the San Diego Chargers to win over the Denver Broncos, but it’s clear that Tim Tebow has made a believer out of at least three of the eight.