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NFL Picks, Week 12: CBS Experts Choose Pittsburgh Steelers Over Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to find themselves standing all alone in the room of NFL picks and predictions this Sunday. That’s because every single sportswriter or television analyst is choosing the Pittsburgh Steelers to beat the Chiefs in Sunday Night Football this week on NBC. Of course, this is a familiar feeling for the Chiefs having been isolated in much the same way last week against the Patriots. That makes CBS the latest to choose the Steelers over the Chiefs by every single expert they asked.

Coming off of a poor showing against the Patriots, especially in the second half when the team failed to make the necessary adjustments and got eaten alive by Rob Gronkowski and the Pats defense, the Chiefs have given voters no real reason to believe in them other than some string of luck. Tyler Palko was gutsy but that’s not enough to win a game against a team like the Steelers. The Pittsburgh defense in particular with their blitzing scheme should cause Palko fits.

If the Chiefs claim Kyle Orton today on waivers, then there’s a chance they might have a new starter at quarterback, but it’s a short week either way so it’s doubtful Orton would have much impact.