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NFL Power Rankings: Mike Silver Has Kansas City Chiefs At No. 24

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports has his latest NFL Power Rankings out and he has the Kansas City Chiefs in about the same place as most other media outlets at No. 24, with the team holding at four wins yet sinking faster than some team with worse overall records. Perhaps that will change with the addition of Kyle Orton at quarterback from the Denver Broncos, but it's likely that will take some time.

For now, the Chiefs are on a three game losing streak, the same one they started their season on. In the middle they went 4-0, compiling a crazy roller coaster of a season overall. It's hard to get a solid read on exactly how good or bad the Chiefs are at this point, but it's clear that others in the AFC West are climbing higher and faster than the Chiefs at this point and they're tanking at the wrong time. Tebowmania has swept Denver up in winning four of their last five. The Raiders are on solid footing and even the Chargers have enough talent to make people believe they'll eventually put it together. As for the Chiefs no one is quite sure what to think.