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NBA Labor Agreement Still Shaky, Details Still To Be Agreed Upon

There’s definitely reason to celebrate this morning as NBA fans and players are undoubtedly doing. After months of a lockout — 149 days to be exact — the word from league officials that the players and owners found enough common ground for a handshake deal means today is a great day. But it’s also clear that it’s only a handshake and that several details have to come together to make this work. That makes the NBA deal a bit tenuous at this point.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix has a great look inside of the labor deal and notes that while the entire structure is shaky, it’s still in place. Given enough time, it should still hold when all is said and done.

“It’s unlikely — the system issues and financial split were the key sticking points in a new deal — but there are still issues to negotiate,” writes Mannix. "The NBA is believed to be in favor of a revamped Development League system — one that allows teams to demote players beyond their first two years in the league. And previously, the union had lobbied for more incentives in rookie contracts that would pay top rookies commensurate with their status. And, as noted above, there will likely be a faction of players against signing the deal because of what they are being forced to give up, and there could be a public unwillingness from some to drop the lawsuit in Minnesota.

“Still, after five months of heavy lifting and with the approval of the key figures on both sides,” he continues, “it would be surprising if the deal wasn’t ratified. It may not be unanimous — on either side — but it will get the majority of votes needed to pass it.”