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Rex Ryan's Indigestion Necessitates Emergency Personnel

After last week’s game against the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan had a case of indigestion that caused emergency personnel to respond in case it was a bigger issue. For the larger than life coach, it’s another anecdote that shows that everything in Ryan’s life is dramatic to one degree or another.

The stomach issues were reportedly due to Ryan’s lap band surgery, and the response was more than what was needed, according to the Denver Post. Paramedics were called to Denver International Airport before they found out it was just a case of indigestion.

"Sometimes with the lap band, you get indigestion,’’ said Ryan. ""All along, I knew that was the case. However, our medical staff didn’t want to take any chances. Once I got to the airport, I felt better. It was no big deal. Believe me, the loss to the Broncos hurt a lot worse than this did."