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NFL Picks & Predictions, Week 12: Steelers Chosen By Most To Overwhelm Chiefs

It’s impossible to find a single sportswriter or NFL analyst who believes the Kansas City Chiefs have much of a chance tonight in their Sunday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s nearly as difficult to find one that even believes it will be a close game. The latest to come out is from Charlie Bernstein of ESPN who says Pittsburgh will win 31-6.

He writes, “Tyler Palko was mostly terrible against a bad defense and this week he goes against a great defense. We might see Kyle Orton or Ricky Stanzi take snaps before this one is over.”

It’s that difference in not only pass defense but pass rush that is going to make this game a bit more of a wild card. The Steelers are not unbeatable. They’ve laid a couple of eggs this season already. However, the Chiefs have not shown anything lately that could be called impressive and turnover at the quarterback position is not a good thing.

Bernstein is correct in that Palko might not be the only quarterback KC throws out there on the field tonight. Here’s hoping someone brings something to write about for the Chiefs at quarterback.