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NFL Picks, Week 12: USA Today Unanimously Selects Steelers Over Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs cannot find a single person to vouch for them — to go out on a limb and believe that anything is possible. No one remembers the Monday Night Football feisty attitude displayed in the first half that had Tom Brady vexed and the Chiefs playing an impressive game. Instead, everyone remembers the second half where adjustments were only made on one side and a close game became a 30 point blowout.

That’s why everyone — including the writers at USA Today — are picking the Steelers to defeat the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. Not only this but three of them — Nate Davis, Robert Klemko, Pete O’Brien — believe it’s their “Lock of the Week” (as in, this one is the surefire pick). In other words, it’s an extra layer of “everyone vs. us” for the Chiefs to use to motivate themselves.

Of course, it also comes down to talent and the Steelers have loads of it on both sides of the ball. This is going to be a hard fought battle if the Chiefs are going to win it. And if so, no one can say they saw it coming.