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USA Today/Coaches Poll: Kansas State Ranks No. 15 In College Football Rankings

The Kansas State Wildcats cannot seem to break into the top tier of teams in the national college football rankings no matter how many weeks pass with other teams falling down. Their ceiling, at least at this point, seems to be the No. 15 team in the country and that’s what they are again in the latest USA Today/Coaches Poll.

The Wildcats have had an incredible season in the Big 12, currently standing second in the overall conference standings ahead of the juggernaut Oklahoma Sooners. The Wildcats were predicted to finish no better than sixth in the conference in preseason rankings, and most predicted them to finish eighth. It’s an incredible coaching job that Bill Snyder has done.

Here’s the rest of the USA Today/Coaches Poll:
1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Virginia Tech
4. Stanford
5. Oklahoma State
6. Houston
7. Oregon
8. Boise State
9. Michigan State
10. Arkansas
11. Oklahoma
12. Wisconsin
13. South Carolina
14. Georgia
15. Kansas State
16. Michigan
17. TCU
18. Baylor
19. Nebraska
20. West Virginia
21. Clemson
22. Penn State
23. So. Mississippi
24. Florida State
25. Cincinnati