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Andrew Luck Definitely Bound For Colts Since Peyton Manning Not Cleared To Play Golf

Unless the Indianapolis Colts begin to string together a series of wins, there’s no doubt they’ll be picking first in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. It’s also clear they’re going to need a quarterback. After initial rumors were that the Colts might play Manning later on in the 2011 regular season, the announcers during today’s game against the Carolina Panthers noted that Manning hasn’t even been cleared to swing a golf club yet. In other words, there’s no way he’s playing this year and who knows what the injury will mean for the future. That pretty much cements the notion that the Colts will choose Andrew Luck if the Stanford quarterback declares for the draft.

Now the Colts will definitely have some big decisions ahead once they draft another quarterback. Do they keep both? Do they trade Manning (or Luck)? With the Colts certain to take a quarterback, that means a team like the Chiefs will definitely have to choose among the next tier of signal callers if they want to go that route. Landry Jones, Robert Griffin III and Matt Barkley will go early in the draft, but the Chiefs with their current record will be within view of those choices.

The Draft will definitely be interesting with so many subplots.