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What Does Tim Tebow Have To Do To Earn Broncos Support?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that despite being a fan favorite, a major marketing tool and, most importantly, a winning quarterback, Tim Tebow still doesn’t have the support of the Denver Broncos front office. John Elway likely wants a quarterback like himself, or at least like anyone else, and the unorthodox style of Tebow makes it difficult for Elway to appreciate that which he doesn’t know.

In a recent interview with CBS Sports, Tebow refused to directly answer questions about whether or not he feels like he is backed up by the organization. In fact, he just doesn’t answer at all.

Florio writes, "Tebow knows that he doesn’t have the unequivocal support of the organization. With Elway openly talking about not being sold on Tebow as the long-term answer, how could he?

“To his credit, Tebow found a way to answer the question without saying anything that would cause a ruckus. Even if that meant not answering the question at all.”

While Tebow is definitely a polarizing figure, the one thing that has always been sold as the gold standard in the NFL is wins and losses. If you win, you’re “in.” Instead, Tebow has somehow been the exception to this rule and continues to suffer through overanalysis and an endless barrage of questions from the media and his own team despite a 4-1 record and playoff hopes. Go figure.