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VIDEO: Nick Novak Peeing On Sideline During Chargers-Broncos Game

In our effort to show you everything that has to do with the NFL, here's a peek inside what it means to have to relieve yourself on the football sidelines. For some reason, the crew covering the Denver Broncos versus San Diego Chargers game decided to both discuss and focus on the fact that San Diego kicker Nick Novak was peeing on the sideline next to the Gatorade stand. And for some reason, we're continuing to talk about it the next day and showing you a video as well.

If anything, it's a look at the fact that NFL players are human and have to worry about such things even while in the middle of a game on national television. For those interested, the Broncos won this game 16-13 in overtime giving Tim Tebow yet another win he actually didn't engineer (see Denver defense there). But oh yeah, all you really care about is seeing a guy pee, right?