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2011 Bowl Projections: Kansas State Still Likely For Alamo Bowl

The latest 2011 Bowl projections still have Kansas State slated to take part in the Alamo Bowl against a Pac-12 opponent this Bowl season. Thanks to upsets, it looks like the Big 12 will only be getting one team in a BCS bowl with Oklahoma State still likely to earn a nod to the Fiesta Bowl. 

The Cowboys still have their annual rivalry game with Oklahoma left but ESPN Big 12 writer David Ubben still doesn't like a two loss Kansas State's chances for a BCS game over a three loss Oklahoma team. 

Also, I think a three-loss Oklahoma team is still more attractive than two-loss Kansas State, which took a beating from the Sooners in Manhattan.

Should Oklahoma upset Oklahoma State, then a two loss Cowboys team still has a good shot at a BCS Bowl but that wouldn't be a certainty for a team that lost two of its last three games. 

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