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Peter King Says Kyle Orton Perfect Example Of Why NFL Trade Deadline Should Be Moved

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new starting quarterback (most likely) in Kyle Orton. The good news is that it didn’t cost the team any trade assets to get him. And that’s one of the reasons why the NFL trade deadline is problematic, says Peter King in his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column.

“My biggest problem with the deadline was perfectly illustrated by what happened with Kyle Orton last week. The Broncos cut him, getting nothing in return when at last one team — Chicago — and maybe Kansas City, Houston and Dallas would have traded a draft choice for him. Kansas City’s thrilled to get him for nothing except his salary the rest of the year, but Denver’s out of luck because they get nothing when they certainly would have gotten a fifth-round pick, minimum, had the trade deadline been after Week 12.”

King has some great quotes direct from NFL commish Roger Goodell in which it seems hopeful the deadline could be moved from its current position during week six of the regular season to something further down the road around week 11 or 12.

“The game evolves, and we have to evolve with it,’’ ”" target="new">Goodell told King. "And we have to drive that evolution … If the positives outweigh [the negatives], and we think it’s going to make the game better or safer, we’re going to pursue that. We will look at anything that’s going to make the game more exciting. And I think trades are a positive thing.’’