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NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Still Ranked Fairly High In Pete Prisco's List

It’s Tuesday which means it’s NFL Power Rankings Day. The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t going to fare well in anyone’s list in particular, but Pete Prisco over at CBS Sports at least has a positive sign for the Chiefs in that they’re still ranked among the top 20 franchises in the NFL. Prisco writes, “Todd Haley is in big trouble. The Chiefs schedule is brutal the next three weeks. It has to be Kyle Orton time.”

That last statement is the feeling of pretty much every fan of the Chiefs at this point — that the team has to turn either to rookie Ricky Stanzi, which Todd Haley seems as if he’s not willing to do, or to the newly acquired Kyle Orton. It’s clear at this point that Palko is not the answer, and Cassel is out. That leaves someone new under center and with them comes new hope for the rest of the year.