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Ndamukong Suh Earns Two Game Suspension Without Pay

Ndamukong Suh finally heard the bell toll for his emotional and violent action on the field against the Green Bay Packers’ Evan Dietrich Smith last Thursday. The results are as expected. Suh was told today that he would receive a two-game suspension without pay from commissioner Roger Goodell. Combine this with his ejection from the game and that means that Suh will serve a nearly 2.5 game suspension overall.

Suh has already apologized and even proactively called the commissioner, but it’s a case of too-little-too-late at that point. Suh has become a problematic player in the eyes of the NFL and he needs to completely cool it if he wants to earn any further benefit of the doubt. The very next step could result in the loss of a season or at least a large portion of one.

On the season, Suh has 33 tackles and 3 sacks for the Detroit Lions.