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Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams Have Toughest Schedules Left In NFL

The bad news only gets worse for two teams fighting for any signs of life late in the 2011 NFL season. EESPN Stats reported that both the Chiefs and Rams have the toughest NFL schedules left of any team with an opponent’s winning percentage of .673. The team with the easiest just happens to be Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The Chiefs have already come through the Pats and Steelers and still have the Bears, Jets, Packers, Broncos and Raiders to close the season. Every single one of those teams are above .500 and most lead the division. The Packers, of course, are undefeated.

The Rams and Chiefs have both endured frustrating seasons with dashed expectations. The Rams were on the rise with Sam Bradford at the helm, yet everything has fallen apart in year two. For the Chiefs, they were a solid bet to repeat as division champs, but injuries have taken out many of their impact players and the team is now in the AFC West basement.

For now both teams hope to close things well against a tough schedule and gain momentum for next year.